Apr 062017

I have finally moved to my new premises in Easton, Bristol. For the new address and landline details, see the Contact page. E-mail and mobile phone details remain the same. To go with the new address, I have some fancy new kit, including a rather impressive colour laser printer and a much faster broadband connection, […]

Mar 092017
Narroways web site

This is the web site for Narroways Millennium Green Trust, an inner-city local nature reserve in St Werburghs, north Bristol. As Narroways is a very small charity, the site was produced and hosted entirely free of charge using wordpress.com. My role in the project: graphic design web site design WordPress coding Content management and media integration

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Dec 102013
European Election campaign reports

Capping the CAP is the first in a series of PDF reports produced for the South West Green Party to support campaign press releases during the European Election 2014 campaign. As well as being pretty, it’s also a good, authoritative overview of a very important topic – you can see the full report by clicking […]

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Nov 252013
Rail Petition leaflet

This is a single-sided A5 leaflet produced for the South West Green Party, as part of the European Election campaign, to promote the Party’s online petition to return the Great Western rail franchise to public ownership. The leaflet was produced in under a week, from first draft to final printed copies, ready for a campaign […]

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Nov 062013
South West Green News

South West Green News is a tabloid format news sheet designed to promote the Green Party and its candidates during the European Election 2014 campaign. There are six editions (as shown above), each covering a different part of the region – for issue 1, we printed 20,000 of each, making a total print run of 120,000. […]

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Jul 282013
'Our Europe' leaflet

This is a DL (a third A4) leaflet produced to launch the South West Green Party’s campaign for the European Parliament elections in May 2014. It outlines the Green Party’s policies on Europe and the European Union, introduces the two lead candidates, and gives their views on the Greens’ role in Europe. The leaflet was […]

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Jun 032013

Thank you! The elections could not have been won without your help. The leaflets look so good and it really helps us to have well designed material. I really appreciate the time you put in. – Daniella Radice, Bristol Green Party councillor

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