Arthritic Association

The Arthritic Association is a small charity, based in Eastbourne, dedicated to the promotion of alternative and complementary approaches to the management and treatment of arthritis and other rheumatic conditions. The work carried out for them over the years has varied from advertisement design (and writing and editing) to producing membership leaflets, designing the annual report and accounts, and redesigning and integrating their biannual newsletter into their web site. Here is a selection of the jobs involved.

May 042012
Arthritic Association annual report

This page shows extracts from two examples of annual reports produced for the Arthritic Association. As well as the trustees’ statements on the previous year’s activities and achievements, the reports also included a set of the official accounts, financial statements and notes produced by the Association.   As well as being produced in print, the […]

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May 042012
Arthritic Association membership leaflet

Membership promotion leaflet produced for the Arthritic Association. 8-page DL roll-fold leaflet, distributed nationally through GP’s surgery waiting rooms. Outside pages shown above, inside pages below. Designed to appeal to the Association’s major target audience (over-50s with arthritic and other rheumatic conditions) and provided a quick and easy call to action. My role in the […]

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