LispWorks Ltd is a small software development company based in Cambridge. The original brief was to develop a logo for the new company that reflected its independence and professionalism, and its leadership in the world of ANSI Common Lisp development. The logo also had to provide a feature (the LW glyph, as it turned out) that could be used as branding in all the company’s applications — so it had to be suitable as a desktop icon in Windows and on the Mac, as well as appearing on stationery, business cards and web sites. Given that LispWorks is by its very nature an international company, with a strong presence in both Europe and the USA, all its printed materials also had to be produced in at least two formats (A4/other A-sizes for the Europeans, US Letter etc. for the Americans).

May 042012
LispWorks leaflets

Leaflets advertising LispWorks’ main product for three different computing platforms. As an international company trading in both European and North American markets, the leaflets, like the company’s stationery, were produced in both A4 (shown) and US Letter size (not shown). My role in the project: Logo design and corporate identity Graphic design Page layout Print […]

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May 042012
LispWorks logo

This is the logo for the software development company LispWorks. The brief was to provide a clean, modern professional look with a friendly aspect, including an element that could be used as a desktop item and software badge. ITC Eras Bold Oblique was chosen as the base typeface – the lettering was then subtly adjusted […]

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May 042012
LispWorks software components

Various components of the LispWorks software suites – software development tools for programming in ANSI Common LISP: desktop icon sets (Mac OS X and Windows Vista) for LispWorks, LispWorks 64-bit edition and LispWorks 64-bit edition installer, plus main program splashscreen, CD label, and marketing dialog box. The CD label was preprinted on to blank data […]

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May 042012
LispWorks stationery

Logo and stationery designs produced for the software house LispWorks Ltd. Items designed included letterhead, continuation sheet, compliment slip and double-sided business cards (all shown above) and a presentation folder with a flap to take a CD-ROM (not illustrated). My role in the project: Logo design and corporate identity Graphic design Page layout Print buying […]

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