Logos and identity

This section contains examples of corporate id and associated publicity materials designed and produced for various clients. In all cases I was responsible for all aspects of the design and production of all the materials shown.

Apr 032017
Vanilla Moon logo

This is the logo design for the small aromatherapy massage business, Vanilla Moon. The brief was to redraw the existing logo to provide more sophistication and definition, and to suggest possible alternative approaches. Six initial designs were submitted for comment. After several rounds of comment and adjustment, this was the final design agreed – one […]

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May 292012
Vee Double Moo web site

This is the web site for Vee Double Moo, a small business in Bristol selling soft ice cream and other goodies from a converted VW campervan. The brief was to make the site bright, friendly and easy to use, and to follow the colour scheme of the van’s livery – beigey brown background with a […]

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May 042012
T Mag stationery

This shows company stationery for use by the education and training sector magazine T Mag – letterhead, comp slip and business card. The stationery was designed to reflect the new corporate ID and logo following the complete redesign and relaunch of the magazine and its associated web site. My role in the project: Logo design […]

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May 042012
LispWorks logo

This is the logo for the software development company LispWorks. The brief was to provide a clean, modern professional look with a friendly aspect, including an element that could be used as a desktop item and software badge. ITC Eras Bold Oblique was chosen as the base typeface – the lettering was then subtly adjusted […]

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May 042012
LispWorks software components

Various components of the LispWorks software suites – software development tools for programming in ANSI Common LISP: desktop icon sets (Mac OS X and Windows Vista) for LispWorks, LispWorks 64-bit edition and LispWorks 64-bit edition installer, plus main program splashscreen, CD label, and marketing dialog box. The CD label was preprinted on to blank data […]

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May 042012
LispWorks stationery

Logo and stationery designs produced for the software house LispWorks Ltd. Items designed included letterhead, continuation sheet, compliment slip and double-sided business cards (all shown above) and a presentation folder with a flap to take a CD-ROM (not illustrated). My role in the project: Logo design and corporate identity Graphic design Page layout Print buying […]

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Apr 302012
T Mag logo

When the long-running magazine for the education and training sector, T Mag, was bought out by a new owner, they approached me to give the magazine a complete makeover. As well as redesigning the magazine itself and its web site, it also meant devising a new logo and corporate ID. The brief was for a […]

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Apr 302012
Jessie's Trust logo

Jessie’s Trust is an animal welfare charity and animal sanctuary/rescue centre named in memory of the founder’s pet liver-spotted Dalmatian Jessie. Jessie’s image was copied from a photograph supplied by the client, then traced in Adobe Illustrator to simplify the number of colours while retaining a lifelike pseudo-photographic appearance. The highlights in Jessie’s eyes were […]

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Apr 302012
Sweet TLC logo

The training company Sweet TLC Ltd approached me to design their logo and web site after seeing the other work produced for small companies in the sector. The brief was to provide a clean, professional look with an element of fun/humour and approachability, as reflected is the shortened company name – TLC in this instance […]

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Apr 302012
Lavender & Sage logo

This is the logo for interior decor and design company Lavender & Sage. The  logo was designed in both landscape and portrait format, with full colour and black and white versions of both. (The landscape version is shown in colour only.) The client had a very clear concept of what she required – briefing was provided […]

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