At Guy Forster Information Design, I know that when it comes to publishing, printing and web design, the needs of registered charities are very specialised. As the former Publishing Director of a significant (but rather small) national charity – the National Council for One Parent Families – I understand the particular needs and requirements of a small charity, and can help in several ways.

Most charities in the UK are too small to afford to employ specialist publishing staff. But you still need to deliver cost-effective, professional-quality information either in print or on the web, or increasingly, both. With my skills, experience and contacts, I can provide you with a ‘one-stop shop’ for all your publishing requirements.

As well as my regular publishing services, and a range of discounts for registered charities, I can also provide specialised advice in a number of areas.

Annual reports – Writing and producing annual reports for charities is a difficult and specialised job. I can help you get across the messages you need to funders and supporters in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Consultancy – With my extensive knowledge of modern printing technologies, web site design and multimedia, I can offer expert advice on the most effective way of delivering information services to your end-users.

Parallel publishing – The increasing importance of the internet means that many small charities now need to provide information both on-line and in print. I can help you design and set up systems to help you publish and update your information with the minimum of duplication of effort.

Digital printing – Digital printing can provide massive cost savings for shorter print runs, save on warehousing costs, and enable you to deliver much more up-to-date printed information. I can advise you on how to go about it, and the kind of benefits it can bring.