Apr 302012

This is the logo for interior decor and design company Lavender & Sage.

Lavender and Sage logo

The  logo was designed in both landscape and portrait format, with full colour and black and white versions of both. (The landscape version is shown in colour only.)

The client had a very clear concept of what she required – briefing was provided in the form of a rough sketch, which I used as a starting point. The company name obviously provided the colour scheme and the pictorial material.

Cutout photos of sprigs of lavender and sage were sourced on-line; these were then traced in Adobe Illustrator, and coloured using shades of a pale purple (lavender) and grey-green (sage). The lavender and sage colours were then used for the appropriate parts of the namestyle, with the remaining elements in a neutral grey. Typography was chosen to give a modern, friendly and professional feel – Myriad Pro for the main elements, with the large ampersand taken from Warnock Pro.


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