Learning materials


I have been involved in the world of open and distance learning for almost all my working life, taking roles as diverse as writer, editor, designer, project manager and end user. As well as my regular publishing services, I can also provide specialised advice in a number of areas:

Learning design – Designing and producing learning materials is a specialised job – it requires much more engagement with the content and the user experience than most types of graphic design. With my combination of design, editorial and writing skills, I can help you produce learning materials that really work.

Navigation design – Useability and navigation design are an integral part of successful learning materials. With over ten years’ experience of designing successful user interfaces in a variety of media (including books!), I can design a navigation system that gives your learners the right combination of flexibility and structured learning.

Parallel publishing– The power of the internet has introduced exciting new possibilities into the learning process. But many learners still prefer to learn primarily from printed materials. I can help you design and set up systems to help you publish and update your information in both media with the minimum duplication of effort.

Multiple media – Learning styles vary, and so do levels of confidence with new technology. For some tasks, the internet is ideal. For others, good old-fashioned print gives the best results. And some activities are better suited to delivery on CD-ROM, DVD or video. I can help you plan learning materials that deliver the different parts of the process in the most appropriate medium.