Learning design


Peer Education Programme - page 1Designing and producing learning materials is a specialised job – it requires much more engagement with the content and the user experience than most types of graphic design. With my combination of design, editorial and writing skills, I can help you produce learning materials that really work.

Whether it’s designing a useable interface for a web-based learning programme, or producing a workable page design for printed learning materials, using a designer with an understanding of the learning process and an ability to understand even the most complex of content can deliver great benefits.

Peer Education Programme - page 2And the level of support and advice I can provide goes much further than that – I can assess your scripts for the level of interactivity, and suggest changes and improvements in the types and numbers of learning activities.

I can even provide advice and ideas on how you could use different technologies and media to deliver learning in a more engaging and effective manner.

So, if you need a designer who understands the learning process and can produce learning materials that really help your learners learn, contact me today.