Multiple media


A major interest of mine is the use of multiple media for delivering learning materials. This is of course closely connected to the concept of parallel publishing, but it goes much further than that.Safe At Work resource guide

Parallel publishing – delivering all your content in more than one medium, usually in print and on the internet – is one possible approach to providing flexibility for learners. They can then choose to cover the whole programme in print, or entirely on the internet, depending on their circumstances, personal preferences and learning style. Or more realistically, they may choose to use some parts in print and others on screen.

But delivery in multiple media can provide much greater benefits than that, powerful though it is.

Safe At Work main menuSome topics simply lend themselves much more easily to learning by, for example, an on-screen animation. Or how about an animation with links to further explanatory notes for particular parts of the topic? What if those notes are given in brief, summary form on screen, and available as a more detailed, reference version in print?

Safe At Work fire safetyThis is just one example of how using the available technology in an intelligent, measured way can deliver huge benefits for the learner.

With recent developments in web technology, combined with the capabilities of both traditional and digital print, the possibilities are endless.

For information and advice on how to produce your learning materials using multiple media, contact me today.