Group Learning Toolkits pageIf you have information that needs to be published, and you’re not sure quite how to go about it, you’ve come to the right place.

If you know exactly how to go about it, but you’re looking for someone to do the legwork for you, this could be the right place too.

I can provide a range of publishing, print, web and design services:

LMI Matters! web siteWeb site design and development – If your project needs delivering over the web, I can provide a unique combination of design, content and technical skills, to make your site easy to find, easy to navigate and easy on the eye.

Design for print – if you know you need to deliver your project in print, and you need a creative, intelligent and sensitive approach to its look and feel, you should start here.

Print production and management – Design sorted out, but no-one to print it? Hundreds of pages to get produced? Need it done fast, cost-effectively and flexibly? I can help.

Editorial and copywriting services – From copyediting and proofreading to open learning editing and copywriting, I can tailor your content to meet the needs of your audience, using simple, effective and clear English to provide language that’s easy to understand, without being patronising.

If you’re developing learning materials for use on screen or in print, or if you’re a registered charity in need of advice on publishing technicalities, see the appropriate sections of this site for a range of specialist services.