Editing and writing


As well as design and production services, I can also offer a range of editorial services for projects in a range of different media, including printed documents, web sites and multimedia.

Writing and rewriting

If you have the basic information you need to deliver your project, but aren’t happy with the way it’s expressed, or the language it uses, or the way it’s structured, I can help.

Years of experience of producing documents for a huge range of audiences and purposes allows me to quickly identify the particular problems with a script and come up with the most effective solutions for a particular audience.

My approach generally is to use clear, straightforward, everyday language. This slightly informal style is highly effective in getting across even complex technical content to a non-specialist audience.

Open learning editing

Editing learning materials, and particularly open and distance learning materials, is a highly specialised job.

With over twenty years’ experience working on learning materials development for some of the UK’s leading providers – including the National Extension College, Cambridge Training and Development Ltd, Oxford University Press and Hobsons Publishing – I can provide expert advice on content and interaction for projects delivered in print, on the web, or both.


We all make mistakes, so make sure they get spotted by using an experienced, professional proofreader.

As well as proofreading documents and web pages myself, I can also source independent proofreading services from my extensive network of contacts in the publishing industry.

Editing and copyediting

If you have a script that’s basically fine, but needs the attentions of an expert in the niceties of the English language, then I can provide the input you need.

Editing services can be provided at several levels – for example, some jobs might require error-checking only, while others might need editing for consistency of style and tone. Equally, you may have an established house style that I can work to, or your document may need to be the starting point for establishing a new set of house-style rules.

I am also flexible in methods of working – I am equally happy marking up a hard copy using British Standard editing symbols, or editing on screen either using the built-in features of modern wordprocessors to highlight changes, problems and queries, or using the commenting and mark-up tools in Acrobat Pro to mark up PDF documents.

Whatever the job, I will discuss the requirements before starting work to ensure that the final document meets the standards and conventions you need.