Print production


Print buying

The world of printing and print production can be confusing and intimidating for the non-expert. What do all those funny words and phrases mean? Wire stitching? (That’s a staple to any non-printer.) Perfecting? Work and turn? SRA2?

Speaking the language (and knowing what it means!) makes it much easier to negotiate effectively with printers, select the right company for the job, and obtain a very keen price. I have established contacts with print companies large and small, based all over the UK, and can deliver print projects on time and at very keen prices.

With over twelve years’ experience of print-buying and print production, I have a detailed technical knowledge of all aspects of modern printing – so as well as doing your print-buying for you, I can also provide expert advice on new ways of delivering the results you need. This could include digital, on-demand printing for frequently updated low-run materials, computer-to-plate technology for rapid turnaround of urgent jobs, and even computerised and automated fulfilment and delivery services.

Page layout

Peer Education Programme - page spreadAs well as sourcing your print for you, I can also prepare your documents for printing. From full-colour brochures to business cards and stationery, technical reports to hardback books, I can provide a fast, efficient, accurate and intelligent service, turning your raw scripts into finished items.

As well as competitive rates, I can offer a fast and efficient, and above all accurate, service. My combination of editorial and design skills allows me to make informed decisions about heading levels, layout, page- and line-breaks and any number of other small decisions that make the difference between an adequate and a first-class product.

It also means that the number of proof stages is reduced, speeding up the production process and enabling you to meet the most demanding of deadlines.