Web site design


Need a web site? Need advice on whether you need a web site? I can provide an effective design and development service which will deliver a web site that your target audience can find, understand and use with ease.

What’s it for?

The starting point for any web site has to be a realistic assessment of why you want one in the first place.

Simecology web siteWhat will it do for you? Is it intended to attract new business from potential clients who have found your name on the web? If the answer is yes, then search engine positioning will be the most important consideration in planning the site – it affects everything from the domain name you choose to the way you write the content, how you structure it, and the kinds of web technology you use.

Or is it intended as a showcase for your organisation, providing examples of products and services to impress and convince potential clients who already have your contact details. Here the look and feel and the usability of the site are essential, as is the writing of the copy and the kinds of visuals used.

Or is it an information service, designed to provide a reference point for users? How will you keep it up to date? How much information is there, and how complex is it? Will it be updated by technical specialists, or will non-technical staff need to be able to carry out quick and easy updates? The answers to all these question will have an effect on the structure of the site and the technology you use to deliver it.

Expert advice

I can help guide you through these early planning decisions, and provide up-to-date advice on the most effective solutions.

Years of experience of developing web sites for a variety of audiences, and two years managing the development of a major charity web site, have given me an excellent overview of all the technicalities of developing simple, effective web sites that are designed from the very start with their intended purpose in mind.

And with an extensive network of contacts in web development, I can provide a one-stop shop for all the services you need to deliver an efficient web presence – including domain name registration, web site hosting, programming, database development and design.

T-Mag web siteUseability

Once your visitors have reached your site, the best thing you can do to keep them there, and keep them coming back, is to make it quick and easy to use.

Navigation and interface design are a major interest of mine, and several years of experience designing navigation systems for web sites, on-line learning materials, multimedia products and even books have given me a broad knowledge of how to meet users’ needs and expectations in an efficient, straightforward manner.

For examples of the approach in action, see the portfolio section.