Nov 062013

South West Green News is a tabloid format news sheet designed to promote the Green Party and its candidates during the European Election 2014 campaign.


There are six editions (as shown above), each covering a different part of the region – for issue 1, we printed 20,000 of each, making a total print run of 120,000. Each of the six editions has a different front and back page, but all six share the same centre spread (shown below).


My role in the project:

  • Copyediting
  • Picture research
  • Graphic design
  • Page layout
  • Print buying and production management
  • Project management and delivery coordination
  • Putting them through letterboxes (not all 120,000, just a few hundred in Bristol!)
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May 052012

Here’s an example of the design process in action, using the cover design for LMI Matters! 

Below are the original three designs submitted – all three were rejected, but preference was expressed for the typography of designs 2 and 3.

LMI Matters! cover designs - batch 1

And here are the second set of designs submitted. Design 2 was picked for further development.

LMI Matters! cover designs - batch 2

And finally, the last three cover designs submitted.

LMI Matters! cover designs - batch 3

The client finally chose design 1 from this selection.

The final result, while professional-looking and clean in execution, is perhaps a little bland – that’s what you get when design approvals are handled by a committee! Personally, I would have chosen option 3 from the first batch or option 3 from the second batch for further development.

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May 052012

Group Learning ToolkitsThe Group Learning Toolkits are a set of on-screen resources to support trainers in delivering the Chartered Management Institute’s Pathways to Management and Leadership programme.

Each of 16 units consists of a PDF containing session plans, lists of (and links to) a wide variety of supporting resources, handouts and instructions, plus a set of four Powerpoint slideshows for the trainers to use in group sessions.

Group Learning Toolkits pageGroup Learning Toolkits - workshop plans

Group Learning Toolkits - page 2Group Learning Toolkits - slides

My role in the project:

  • Page and cover designs
  • Page layout (in MS Word and Powerpoint, to allow CMI to make future edits)
  • Conversion of all elements to non-editable formats for delivery to final users
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May 042012

Logo and stationery designs produced for the software house LispWorks Ltd.

LispWorks stationery

Items designed included letterhead, continuation sheet, compliment slip and double-sided business cards (all shown above) and a presentation folder with a flap to take a CD-ROM (not illustrated).

My role in the project:

  • Logo design and corporate identity
  • Graphic design
  • Page layout
  • Print buying and production management
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Apr 302012

This is the logo for interior decor and design company Lavender & Sage.

Lavender and Sage logo

The  logo was designed in both landscape and portrait format, with full colour and black and white versions of both. (The landscape version is shown in colour only.)

The client had a very clear concept of what she required – briefing was provided in the form of a rough sketch, which I used as a starting point. The company name obviously provided the colour scheme and the pictorial material.

Cutout photos of sprigs of lavender and sage were sourced on-line; these were then traced in Adobe Illustrator, and coloured using shades of a pale purple (lavender) and grey-green (sage). The lavender and sage colours were then used for the appropriate parts of the namestyle, with the remaining elements in a neutral grey. Typography was chosen to give a modern, friendly and professional feel – Myriad Pro for the main elements, with the large ampersand taken from Warnock Pro.


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Apr 172012

Peer Education Programme - binder, trainer's guide and CDThe Peer education programme is a set of materials for anyone in the voluntary or further education sectors working with homeless (or ex-homeless) people. The aim of the programme is to support learners in developing and delivering their own workshops to groups of their peers. This can greatly increase self-confidence and communication skills, and has in many cases led participants on to employment, further training or voluntary work.

The pack consists of a ringbinder containing 190 pages of training materials, a trainer’s guide booklet, and a CD containing editable versions of the training materials.

Peer Education Programme - page 1Peer Education Programme - page 2

Peer Education Programme - page spread

My role in the project:

  • Graphic design
  • Copyediting
  • Page layout
  • Print-buying and production management
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Apr 132012

Simecology Ltd is a small environmental consultancy based in Bath, with clients including developers large and small, Wildlife Trusts and other voluntary bodies, national and local government and individual private clients.

Simecology web site

The site was designed to be clear, simple and easy to use, its main purpose being to provide a point of contact for existing and potential clients, and showcase the variety of the company’s work.

My role in the project:

  • Site design and structure
  • Re-writing/editing content
  • HTML and CSS coding
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