May 052012

Here’s an example of the design process in action, using the cover design for LMI Matters! 

Below are the original three designs submitted – all three were rejected, but preference was expressed for the typography of designs 2 and 3.

LMI Matters! cover designs - batch 1

And here are the second set of designs submitted. Design 2 was picked for further development.

LMI Matters! cover designs - batch 2

And finally, the last three cover designs submitted.

LMI Matters! cover designs - batch 3

The client finally chose design 1 from this selection.

The final result, while professional-looking and clean in execution, is perhaps a little bland – that’s what you get when design approvals are handled by a committee! Personally, I would have chosen option 3 from the first batch or option 3 from the second batch for further development.

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